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Our history

The National Federation of Parents of People with Special Needs of Honduras (FENAPAPENESH) was established by means of Resolution Number 036-92 of April 10, 1992, as a Civil Legal Personality; same that is reformed by Resolution No. 1052-2009 on July 15, 2009, adopting the name of the National Federation of Parents of Persons with Disabilities of Honduras (FENAPAPEDISH).

FENAPAPEDISH is the first Federation of the disability sector and was born with the aim of fully guaranteeing inclusion in society and the enjoyment of the rights that correspond to people with disabilities, recognizing that the family is the basis of society; likewise, it promotes educational, recreational health and solidarity programs that strengthen their dignity and integrity.

In 2005, FENAPAPEDISH established international cooperation alliances  receiving financial support from Handicap International together with those who developed training processes, political influence and organizational strengthening, a process that in 2010 was improved with the funding from the Danish Association of People with Disabilities (ADD) who works together, related to political advocacy on the issue of inclusive education, empowerment of parents, family members and the visibility of the disability issue.

On August 17, 2018, it was reformed through file number PJ-17082018-579, adopting the name of the National Federation of Mothers, Fathers and Families of Persons with Disabilities of Honduras (FENAPAPEDISH), also harmonized with the new Law of Civil Organizations not Government in force in the country.

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