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About us

We are a National Federation of Mothers, Fathers and Families of Persons with Disabilities of Honduras, non-profit, with the highest ethical standards, innovative, with a holistic, gender approach; that fully promotes and defends the enjoyment of the human rights that correspond to them in all fields of their actions; always striving to raise their degree of preparation effectively in the rehabilitation and comprehensive rehabilitation, inclusion, health, recreation, culture and sports; in order to guarantee its services when requested.


FENAPAPEDISH represents, empowers, coordinates, promotes, supports initiatives, and strengthens the capacities of affiliated associations, promoting leadership, comprehensive development, and inclusion with a gender perspective, promoting active participation in political advocacy actions, claiming and enforcing the human rights approach of persons with disabilities in Honduras.


The FENAPAPEDISH will be aimed at self-sustainability, belligerent, referent, and specialized in defending and protecting human rights; effectively recognizing comprehensive empowerment and rehabilitation, with a gender perspective, and a rights approach, trained in promoting spaces for leading participation, resilient leadership, educational and labor inclusion, empowerment, transparency, and responsibility towards the environment. As well as, creator of strategic alliances, to influence public policies that favor the disability sector.

Institutional values

Ethical Values (How Do We Feel?)

  • Empathy

  • Coherence

  • Transparency

Development Values

  • Sustainability

  • Innovation

  • Resilient

Program Values (How do we act?)

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Tolerance

Strategic Axes

  • Organizational Strengthening

  • Political Advocacy

  • Advice and Accompaniment in the defense of Human Rights

  • Risk management

  • Institutional strengthening

Strategic Objectives

  • Contribute to the strengthening of associations of mothers, fathers and families of people with disabilities, and institutionalize human rights, increasing their leadership and autonomy; as the maximum defenders of the human rights of their daughters and sons.

  • Promote within the affiliated associations actions of political advocacy, citizen oversight, leadership with a resilient approach, increasing dignity and entrepreneurial attitudes, which improve living conditions, and encourage them to seek effective care of empowerment and rehabilitation, for the full enjoyment of the rights that correspond to them.

  • Provide accompaniment to citizens who request it or acting ex officio, in matters of advice in the complaint, before the corresponding actors in case of violating the human rights faced by Persons with Disabilities and their families.

  • Minimize the risk of possible threats that affect institutional development and its basic operation.

  • Contribute to the institutional strengthening of the central office of FENAPAPEDISH, through the creation and approval of well-defined procedures, which allow good technical and administrative functioning, improving communication processes, and income generation.


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